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    Flur B/Uboot-Gang


    2021-06-09 15.00

    Experimental seminar in the defined physical space hallway 2nd floor between the rooms 240 and 243 (“Flur B”). The size of the space is 40m by 3m by 2.2m.
    We plan to do experimental research on topics such as network audio, delay, feedback, resonance and sequencing with light and sound.

    The participants are expected to bring their own acoustic material.

    We plan to equip the space with various actuators and sensors (speakers, LEDs/lighting, microphones, distance and photoelectric sensors).
    The results of the workshop will be presented in a final exhibition / jam session.

    A joint effort of the workshops Mixed Media, Computerei, Audiolabor and Elektronikwerkstatt, supported by the teaching officer of programming.

    Introduction, briefing, defining topics and further dates on 9th june 2021 3pm in the hallway on the 2nd floor.