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    Name Type Description
    Eliott Sound Products Website Australian Engineer focused on Audio electronics, a lot of good and well written articles
    The Art of Electronics Book The Book on anything electronics. A very good read, but expensive! Ask me in person if you want to read it.
    Small Signal Audio Design Book A very good book with a ton of circuits for audio applications. Even more expensive. Ask me in person if you want to read it.
    HFBK SDIY Wiki Website Wiki of the HFBK SDIY-Project, collected knowledge on modular synthesizers
    HFBK SDIY Repo Website Gitlab Repository of the HFBK SDIY Project, multiple Synth- and Audio Related Projects
    Institut für Telenautik Website Homepage of the Ulf Freyhoff’s Mixed Media Lab (R210 Le)
    Computerei Website Homepage of Tilo Kremer’s Computerei Lab (R243)
    Unity Website Website and Resources related to the course Interactive 3D with Unity
    Louis Rossmann Youtube Channel A grumpy NYC electronics repair guy focused on Apple products shows how it is done
    EEVBlog Youtube Channel A famous Austrialian Youtube Channel with some good content and interesting recommendations for cheap tools

    Circuit and PCB-Design

    There are many software packages that help with the creation and planing of schematics, as well as the translation of this schematic into a PCB that can be sent of to manufacturing. While this fabrication process might seem cumbersome and a bit luxurious, soldering a PCB is usually much less error prone and time efficient than wiring something by hand.

    Name Description
    Horizon-EDA A modern Open-Source Software that can be used to draw schematics, layout PCBs and export them in a format suitable for fabrication. In Comparison with KiCAD this offers a more streamlined UI and more modern features, while the parts library is still smaller. Prefered choice of the workshop.
    KiCAD The traditional Open-Source EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Software. Has a huge parts library, sadly parts managment and UI are anything but modern
    LibrePCB Another Open-Source EDA software worth looking into
    Fritzing A good software for beginners and people who don’t want to manufacture PCBs

    Electronics Simulation

    Often it makes sense to simulate a circuit before going of an buying the parts. This can help safe time, money and nerves.

    Name Description
    CircuitJS A simple realtime browser-based circuit simulator. While it might not be 100% accurate in all cases, it helps to get a quick feeling for most circuits
    LTSpice A free (but not open source) circuit simulator with a very old school interface. But it allows for very accurate simulations if the right models are used