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    Table at the electronics workshop in K51
    Fig. 1: Repairing a Casio Casiotone Keyboard

    In the Workshop for Electronics and Media students of the HFBK Hamburg can learn a basic practise for working with complex systems, use the existing tools to create and repair their projects and devices, as well as get mentoring when it comes to artistic projects or technical questions. This is not only limited to digital or analog electronics, but also includes programming, ways of synthesizing or rendering image and sound, topics of interactivity, topics of filming and recording sound and the artistic/narrative use of these systems in combination.

    In the courses of the Workshop we tinker with electronics, manufacture PCBs, design interactive 3D-worlds, hack programs, synthesize sounds, wire up modules and devices, find solutions to problems etc. Those who don’t see a contradiction between art and technology and are curious how things work internally will feel at home here.

    Artistic rendering of a schematic
    Fig. 2: Artistic rendering of a schematic created in horizon-eda

    Individual dates for advisory can be scheduled via Email or personally in room K51 Le. In addition to traditional questions on electronics and media students should feel free to also bring up topics like:

    Orca Algorave Software
    Fig. 3: An algorihmic patch in the esoteric programming language ORCA: Algorave



    David Huss
    Künstlerischer Werkstättenleiter
    Werkstatt für Elektronik & Medientechnik