Interactive 3D with Unity

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  • Interactive 3D with Unity



    Aula Le


    Two blocks on the weekends of 20. – 22.11.2020 and 04. – 06.12.2020, each 11.00 – 16.00

    Game Engines like Unity enable the creation of interactive realtime artworks which can react on the inputs of viewers, participants or other data streams. The results can be made visible through screens, projectors and VR-glasses; and audible through speakers and headphones.
    In this course the creative potentials of this technology should be investigated. On two weekends the basics of the Unity-Editor and the scripting language C3 shall be learned. We will have a look at the import of 3D-objects from different sources (Blender, 3D-Scan, Downloads, …), a look at VR-glasses, interfacing with external hardware, export and presentation.

    Goal of the course is primarily to explore the possibilities of game engines beyond their traditional use, to increase the security when dealing with complex technological problems and to create a basis for self guided learning and working. No prior knowledge is assumed – however only rudimentary skills in 3D-modelling will be thought, which is why it is recommended (but not required) to take part in the introductory course for Blender. Students can install the Unity Editor on their own devices (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) for free: store.unity.com/download

    Required for participation is a laptop and a 3-button-mouse.

    More information on Unity at the HFBK can be found at unity.hfbk.net