Foundations of Media Technology

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  • Foundations of Media Technology



    R230 Le


    5 Days, precise days to be announced

    In the daily creative work with media the role of techonology is a central one: Without technology there is no recording, no video can be displayed, no sound can be played back – technology is essential, but for many a source of uncertainty. This course is a theoretical and practical introduction into the foundations of media technology and aims to replace uncertainty with knowledge.
    The main goals of the course are foremost to convey a broad overview that could become a starting point for further artistic explorations and to inform about the technological possibilites within our institution. Topics of the course are the basics of sound engineering, the work with microphones, mixers and speakers, as well as the basics of digital audio and file formats. We have a look at the basics of picture media, the work with the camera and aesthetical decisions involved. We will talk about video file formats, compression, conversion, editing, streaming and try things out in practical excercises. Additionally we will tak about how video works can be displayed within exhibitions using the equipment that can be rented at HFBK. Additional topics can be discussed depending on the needs of the participants

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