Technology is not Magic – Part II: Circuits

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  • Technology is not Magic – Part II: Circuits



    K51 Le


    [DE] Tuesday 2022-01-18 till Friday 2022-01-21 each day 14.00-18.00
    [EN] Tuesday 2022-01-25 till Friday 2022-01-28 each day 14.00-18.00

    In this course students can learn about the basics of electronic circuits and gain an overview about the different possibilities of how to use electronics in their artistic practise. We learn about the different electronic components and equipment, and we step through simple basic circuit blocks that can be reused in all kinds of projects. We will compare different approaches (analog vs digital) and gain an understanding about the different ways of solving problems (analog circuits, CMOS logic, microcontrollers like Arduino, single board computers like Raspberry Pi).

    Because it is the goal of this course to teach basic knowledge, no prior experience is expected.

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